Moissanite Buyer's Guide

How To Buy Moissanite

Learn how to examine moissanite, and choose between moissante stones and moissanite jewelry. Review our moissanite pricing guide. Discover how moissanite and diamonds complement one another.

Buying Moissanite

Unlike diamonds and other precious gemstones, moissanite's quality and consistency is remarkable. Charles &Colvard created moissanite is carefully monitored for brilliance, color and clarity. Today's smart and savvy shoppers may consider these simple steps on how to buy moissanite.

Is Moissanite For Me? Moissanite is a near colorless jewel with incredible fire and brilliance, with a hardness second only to diamond. Is it right for you?

How To Examine Moissanite Learn how to inspect moissanite jewels and moissanite jewelry before you buy.

Loose Moissanite Stones vs. Finished Jewelry Can't decide between a loose stone or a set piece? Use our decision chart of various purchasing scenarios.

Moissanite Price Guide Now you're ready to buy moissanite, but what can you expect for your money? Consult this general moissanite price guide

Mixing Moissanite with Diamonds Learn how savvy women combine moissanite and diamonds. Read on for more details about moissanite and diamond jewelry.