Moissanite Buyer's Guide

How To Examine Moissanite

Learn how to inspect moissanite jewels and moissanite jewelry before you buy.

How To Examine Moissanite

Although moissanite is a created jewel, no two moissanite stones are identical. Each moissanite jewel is grown from a unique moissanite seed crystal. Created diamonds are grown by a similar process. Since no two stones are the same, slight variance exists across all moissanite shapes. This variance is most apparent in larger stones [greater than 2 ct tw diamond equivalent] When choosing moissanite earrings, take the extra time to examine each stone to insure they are closely matched to your satisfaction. If not, ask to see another pair. Likewise, moissanite 3-stone rings and pendants should feature finely-matched jewels with minimal variance in color and clarity.

Look At Moissanite Under Lighting Conditions

Unless you plan on spending the rest of your life in the cozy confines of your local jewelry or department sore, it's best to see how moissanite looks in various lighting conditions. Spend a few minutes and consider how moissanite complements you. It's no secret that lighting in most jewelry stores is especially calibrated to bring out the best in the jewels in the case. Any jewelry store should comply with your wish to view moissanite stones or moissanite jewelry in various lighting conditions.

How To Identify Moissanite

Using a 10x loupe, the average person may easily identify the signature double refraction of moissanite jewels. Peer through the facets on the crown or pavilion of the stone to view light bending twice through the moissanite jewel. If you feel this leaves too much room for debate and interpretation, we recommend a moissanite tester to verify the jewel in question is indeed moissanite, and not diamond nor cubic zirconia. Most moissanite retailers keep a moissanite tester on hand. The most sophisticated moissanite testers use electrical conductivity parameters to separate moissanite from other near colorless jewels, and are reportedly 100% reliable.