Moissanite Buyer's Guide

Moissanite and the "4 Cs"

Diamond buyers are familiar with the "4 Cs" - cut, clarity, color and carat weight - which determine the price of a diamond. How does moissanite rate in these characteristics? Read on.

Moissanite Cut

Each moissanite jewel begins life as a large silicon carbide [SiC] crystal. Once the crystal is grown according to a proprietary thermal process, it is carefully calibrated and hand-cut.

The scientists at Charles & Colvard have determined the best cuts for each moissanite jewel shape. These cuts DO NOT correspond to popular cuts for diamonds, sapphires and other precious gemstones. Since moissanite and diamonds are fundamentally different, jewelers use different cutting techniques to maximize brilliance and clarity. If you cut a round brilliant moissanite jewel according to the specifications of an "ideal cut" diamond, the results would be poor.

Each Moissanite jewel is hand cut to specifications that maximize the appearance and beauty of moissanite. This special hand-cut faceting gives each moissanite jewel an unbelievable brilliance and fire.

Moissanite Color

Charles & Colvard expressly refrains from grading moissanite according to the popular color scale for diamonds. However, moissanite retailers and customers report that the color of moissanite compares to diamonds of I-J color.

Moissanite Clarity

The clarity of Moissanite is clean to the eye and can be generally compared to a VS1 diamond. Clarity does not vary by shape nor size of moissanite jewels. Each moissanite jewel contains small inclusions. The most common inclusions are whitish needle-shaped structures, VS or lower in appearance. These run sub-parallel to one another and are typically 85-92 degrees to the table. The inclusions bifurcate.

Moissanite Carat Weight

Moissanite's specific gravity is slightly lower than diamonds. Since most jewelry is sold by carat weight, Charles & Colvard provide a corresponding mm sizes and "diamond equivalent weight" guide. Moissanite is 13% less dense than diamonds.

Moissanite Size / Diamond Equivalent Weight

3.0mm round: 0.10 ct tw
3.5mm round: 0.15 ct tw
4.0mm round: 0.25 ct tw
5.0mm round: 0.50 ct tw
5.5mm round: 0.66 ct tw
6.0mm round: 0.75 ct tw
6.5mm round: 1.00 ct tw
7.0mm round: 1.25 ct tw
7.5mm round: 1.50 ct tw
8.0mm round: 2.00 ct tw
8.5mm round: 2.50 ct tw
9.0mm round: 3.00 ct tw
9.5mm round: 3.50 ct tw
10.0mm round: 4.00 ct tw
10.5mm round: 4.50 ct tw
11.0mm round: 5.00 ct tw
12.5mm round: 5.50 ct tw
12.0mm round: 6.00 ct tw
13.0mm round: 8.00 ct tw
14.0mm round: 10.00 ct tw
15.0mm round: 12.00 ct tw
16.0mm round: 15.00 ct tw