Moissanite Buyer's Guide

Is Moissanite Right For Me?

Moissanite is a near colorless jewel with incredible fire and brilliance. Is it right for you? Read on to discover more information about moissanite.

Is Moissanite For Me?

Here's a question every consumer should ask of themselves before making a significant jewelry purchase: is this jewel right for me? Moissanite possesses beauty and durability -- two important characteristics of any jewel. Moissanite is near colorless, very hard [2nd in hardness only to diamond] and has spectacular fire and brilliance.

Moissanite Is A Created Jewel

Since 1998, Moissanite has been created by one company, Charles & Colvard. It is a laboratory-grown jewel. Some consumers prefer mined jewels instead of created. If you have a hard time with a man-made jewel, moissanite is not for you.

Moissanite Is NOT Sold At Tiffany & Co.

You will never find moissanite at Tiffany & Co. Why? Because Tiffany sells hundreds of millions of dollars worth of diamonds a year in beautiful blue boxes. Some consumers NEED to buy jewelry at a luxury store, such as Nieman Marcus, Harry Winston, Cartier or Ben Bridge. If you've never been to a Macy's, JC Penney, Kohl's or Zales Outlet for your jewelry, you probably won't feel comfortable buying moissanite.

Gentlemen - Get Permission

Charles & Colvard has trumpeted its focus on the self-purchasing woman [SPW] market. However, moissanite's appeal has grown tremendously over the last decade. Today, men and women shop for moissanite enagement rings instead of diamonds.

For men considering a moissanite purchase for their loved one, we recommend you obtain permission first. It may ruin a surprise but let's be certain -- some women adore diamonds, some women adore moissanite, and some women adore both. Find out where your loved one belongs BEFORE you make that commitment to moissanite.