Moissanite Buyer's Guide

Moissanite Certificates

Make sure your moissanite purchase includes a unique Charles & Colvard certificate of authenticity and mail-in lifetime warranty card.

Moissanite Certificates

How do you know you are purchasing moissanite, and not another near colorless gemstone? Look for the official Charles & Colvard certificate of authenticity. Each certificate of authenticity has a unique serial number printed on the inside. Charles & Colvard certifies that every moissanite jewel:
"has been manufactured in Charles & Colvard controlled facilities and has been produced by highly-skilled specialists using the latest technology. Moissanite jewels are released for sale only after having met stringent quality control specifications."

Appraisals are NOT Certificates
Charles & Colvard is the only company that issues certificates for moissanite. You might see appraisal documents from various retailers, but an appraisal is an ESTIMATE of an item's value, not a certificate of authenticity. No major gemstone grading lab [GIA, EGL, AGS] provides reports for moissanite.

A sample image of the certificate is included below for your reference. This image is courtesy of Charles & Colvard.

Certificate of Authenticity