Moissanite Buyer's Guide

Mixing Moissanite with Diamonds

Learn how savvy women combine moissanite and diamonds. Read on for more details about moissanite and diamond jewelry.

Mixing Moissanite with Diamonds

It's nearly irresistible for people to compare moissanite to diamond. But it doesn't have to be either / or. Today many designers are combining moissanite and diamonds and the results are simply stunning.

Large Moissanite Centers with Diamond Accents

Moissanite is easily mixed with small diamond accents, and vice versa. In the example above, a 6.5mm round brilliant moissanite stone is encircled with 17 full cut moissanite side stones (each 1.5mm, .015 CT)

Combinations To Avoid

We don't recommend setting a large moissanite center stone next to a diamond eternity band with F / VS diamonds -- the stones won't match. Also, don't try wearing similiar size moissanite and diamond stones; the superior fire and brilliance of moissanite will give the diamonds a dull appearance by contrast.